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SBEA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee determines the policies and guidelines to be followed by the Association and its officers in accomplishing the overall purposes of the Association. The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Regional Membership Director, Editor/ Webmaster, and Immediate Past President. Each member of the Executive Committee has a responsibility to carry out the policies within the Association Bylaws. The President’s primary responsibility is to represent the Association in an official capacity at other regional and national meetings. The President-Elect shall carry out any special project adopted by the Board and work with the local convention chair in planning for the next convention. The Vice President attends all meetings of the Executive Board and serves as the parliamentarian to the Executive Board. The Secretary attends all meetings of the Executive Board and maintains complete files of all pertinent information of the Association, such as: Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, minutes, special reports, treasurer’s reports, agenda, convention programs, and other important information of historical value to the Association. The Treasurer attends all meetings of the Executive Board, and develop a complete report of the financial condition of the Association at each regular Executive Board meeting. The Editor/Webmaster will attend all meetings of the Executive Board, coordinate publications, news releases, and maintain the Association website. The Regional Membership Director attends all meetings of the Executive Board, and assists the state membership directors in promoting membership in the Southern Business Education Association. The Immediate Past President attends all meetings of the Executive Board, and serves as chair of the Southern Business Education Association nominating committee, and acts in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board.

President -Tracie Opolka, Arkansas

President - Elect -Dr. Cheryl Wiedmaier, Arkansas

Vice-president - Elizabeth Diamond

Secretary/Treasurer - Dr. Chad Springer, Alabama

Immediate Past President - Dr. Marie Coleman, Louisiana

Membership Director - Lauren Miller, Alabama

SBEA Director to the NBEA Executive Board - Dr. Elisha Wohleb, Alabama

Co-Conference Chair - Dr. Geana Mitchell, Alabama

Co-Conference Chair - Dana Dingell

Webmaster - Carole Anderson, Arkansas

Joseph McClary, NBEA Executive Director

Keith Hannah, NBEA President

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